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In an effort to simplify the management of my photo library going forwards it has been moved to Dan's Flickr library.

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The following are some libraries of images I have shared with the world from my digital camera through my own web site's disk drive. You can look at pictures by person thanks to Riya. For older pictures please visit the archive.

  20080115: More baby pictures. Get him while he is small
  20080113: New flat screen TV arrives
  20080111: Let's get ready for some playoff football with the kiddos
  20080109: First newborn days and various friends
  20080108: A couple days old and out and about
  20080106: First pictures of Zachary Andrew Housman
  20080104: Making snowmen and preparing for the baby
  20071225: Christmas day
  20071224: The day before Christmas including Judy's birthday party
  20071223: The snow path and watching a video in the car
  20071216: Hanging out in some snow and eating a waffle
  20071212: Belly pictures and our tree
  20071204: Little birthday for Sarah
  20071124: Day after thanksgiving
  20071120: Mall and the growing belly
  20071110: Dan's 34th bday
  20071103: Madeline's 2nd bday
  20071031: The halloween frog
  20071027: Picking-up the furniture for Madeline's room
  20071020: A big baseball game and some home time
  20071017: Folks come to town. Madeline rides on the fair in Newton Center.
  20071012: After the tub with a jack-o-lantern mat
  20071008: Madeline eating and cat's sleeping in their new beds
  20070929: Walking in the Cascades with Pete Forsythe for an afternoon
  20070928: Driving through the Cascades
  20070926: Our hotel and activities in Eugene
  20070925: Time at the hotel and around at the HDWA conference
  20070908: Jen and Andy and Cape Cod
  20070810: Random pictures of life including dinners and eli playing with the toilet
  20070807: Eli playing around with trash bags and the garbage can
  20070804: A little hike before the long ride home from Bar Harbor
  20070803: Morning popovers picking flowers and swimming in the lake
  20070802: Inside the tent
  20070801: Stopping halfway at Walmart and Panera (Augusta)
  20070717: Swimming pool party
  20070715: Fun with Eli the kitten
  20070714: Celebration at Rich and Ilana's. A trip to Fenway with Madeline. And a wet kitten.
  20070707: Marshfield summer day
  20070706: Fun at the park
  20070704: July fourth trips around
  20070630: Gathering pebbles on the beach with Bev, Danny, Nancy, and my parents
  20070617: Bucket on the head and sitting in a toy stroller
  20070624: A wedding reception and finding Eli the cat
  20070623: Park and playspace
  20070525: More Disney pictures
  20070524: Disney trip pictures
  20070610: Walking to the car and some blurry shots at home
  20070603: Trip to hang out with Tyler on a weekend
  20070507: Spilling yogurt and the dress from the 70s
  20070505: Hanging out at the arboretum a little too early for lilacs
  20070424: Madeline hiding by an entrance
  20070412: Madeline in Bedford and hanging out in Brookline near bed time
  20070411: Shopping for gum and a new home
  20070410: Easter and meeting Stephen Tyler
  20070409: Opening day 2007
  20070408: Tyler's first birthday party
  20070407: A trip to the beach in the early spring
  20070331: Trip to the providence zoo
  20070326: bookstore
  20070322: A trip to the park to meet Uma - Ami and Ilana's baby
  20070317: Dinner for two - baby and cat
  20070314: Bedtime and playing with Natan
  20070311: Coffee run and playing at the church near Starbucks in Brookline Village.
  20070310: Walk with the family to Newton Highlands to see a garish house
  20070309: Madeline with short hair getting bigger
  20070301: Ski trip with Falkoff and family to Alta
  20070218: A voyage to the mall and tunnels
  20070217: A decision to wear 20 pairs of underwear around her neck.
  20070213: Plenty of random home pictures of eating and hanging out just before we got a new bed.
  20070205: A birthday party for Olivia and sleeping in the backpack while walking in Needham.
  20070120: Mom's birthday at Abe and Louies driving with a rice cake and a visit to see Natan's tent
  20070119: A trip to meet with Tyler, JT, and Rachel in the country
  20070115: Wearing a Tom Brady jersey and eating again
  20070111: Pats game victory and watching baby einstein plus eating at home
  20070105: Some time at home and a trip out to Concord center
  20070103: Wearing a tom brady jersey and buying cheese



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